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In Silico Study of B-Glucan from Indonesian Fermented Traditional Food “Dangke” to Incrase Immunity

EasyChair Preprint no. 7122

6 pagesDate: December 1, 2021


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a pandemic as a situation when the entire world population is has posibility to be infected with a disease, at the end of 2019 a new type of virus emerged that caused the death of thousands of residents of wuhan, china which was identified as a type of virus corona virus disease 19 (Covid-19). The body's immune system is one way to maintain the balance of the body from various infections, one of the things that we can consuming healthy and nutritious foods. Lactic acid fermentation products has a good effect on the body. In Adrian's research (2020), he explained that fermented food products can increase immunity. In a study reported by Wasser (2011), he was found that several exopolysaccharides synthesized by lactic acid bacteria has the potential to be used as additives in fermentation products as immunomodulators, one of which is β-glucan. β -glucan has been shown to be capable of immunomodulating macrophages in vitro and increasing the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines, another study reported by Tayo et al. (2018), showed that the exopolysaccharide produced by Weissella confuse (EPSWC) has immunomodulatory potential by stimulating IgG production in mice. Biological activity of lactic acid bacterial could be predicted with molecular docking and use score of binding affinity as a parameter for the ability on IgG. The steps consist of preparation of the target protein and ligand, molecular docking and drug likeness test. The results showed that the compound of lactic acid bacteria to increase immunity which had a binding affinity was -6.6

Keyphrases: dangke, Immunity, lactic acid bacteria

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