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Application of EMI Technique in Crack Propagation Under the Block Loading Conditions

EasyChair Preprint no. 7909

13 pagesDate: May 5, 2022


The behavior of a component under random loading conditions can be studied by converting the random loading into a block loading. Therefore, knowledge of initiation and propagation of a crack under block loading conditions is very important for the safety and reliability of a machine components and structures. In the present study an experimental study has been made to monitor fatigue crack initiation and propagation under block loading conditions with the help of electromechanical impedance technique (EMI). A number of sequences of block loads were considered as variable amplitude loading. The piezoelectric sensor bonded on the Compact Tension (CT) specimen was used as a collocated actuator and sensor. The basic concept is to use simultaneously the high-frequency mechanical excitations and responses employing piezoelectric transducer to monitor the local change in mechanical impedance with respect to the applied cyclic loads. The change in mechanical impedance indicated the incipient damage. The impedance signature (conductance and susceptance) of specimen were recorded. The conductance (real part of admittance) signature is preferred as a damage identifier due to its higher sensitivity for damage in comparison to the susceptance signature.

Keyphrases: Block Loading, conductance, Crack initiation and propagation, EMI, Fatigue

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