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Smart Ecosystems through Voice and Images

8 pagesPublished: March 9, 2020


In this article we summarize at a high-level some of the popular smart technologies that may contrive many smart city ecosystems. More specifically we will emphasize the automation of various processes based on the extraction and analysis of digital media, through speech signals and images. Currently, there are many productized systems for personalization and recommendation of digital media content as well as various services in different areas. Most of them are developed with human-machine interaction in mind. Usually, this is done through a conventional use of a mouse and a keyboard. The user types their response manually, which is then recorded by the system for further analysis.

Keyphrases: Emotions, image semantics, Medical Systems, Similarity in Images, Smart Ecosystems, voice, Voice in Online Learning

In: Gordon Lee and Ying Jin (editors). Proceedings of 35th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, vol 69, pages 256--263

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