ANDREI-60:Editor's Preface

This volume contains a selection of invited works presented at the workshop ANDREI-60: Automated New-era Deductive Reasoning Event in Iberia. The ANDREI-60 workshop was dedicated to honor and celebrate the 60th birthday of Prof. Andrei Voronkov, professor of computer science at The University of Manchester and CEO of EasyChair.

Prof. Andrei Voronkov made numerous contributions to automated reasoning, program analysis and formal methods covering both theoretical and practical aspects. Together with his group and collaborators, he developed the Vampire theorem prover which become the most successful automated theorem prover for first-order logic. For his distinguished contributions to automated reasoning, Prof. Andrei Voronkov received the Herbrand Award in 2015, the most prestigious recognition of automated reasoning community.

The ANDREI-60 workshop was held during May 20-23, 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia. We acknowledge the generous support of the Tbilisi University in hosting our workshop. Participation to the workshop was invitation-based. We were grateful that 35 leading experts in automated reasoning and related fields attended our workshop, presenting their newest trends in connection to the outstanding scientific achievements of Prof. Andrei Voronkov. 

Konstantin Korovin, Laura Kovacs and Giles Reger
March 3, 2020