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Numerical Study on Influence of Geometry in Cavitation on Propellers

EasyChair Preprint no. 3779

5 pagesDate: July 7, 2020


A CFD analysis is done to study and evaluate the variation in percentage of area under cavitation in marine propellers due to changes in geometrical parameters. The commonly used Wageningen–B series propellers are used, and several models of the propellers are made for a range of geometric properties. The study includes three important geometrical parameters for propeller design-pitch, blade area ratio and rake angle with limits defined in the Wageningen-B series. Another study is conducted to incorporate the effect of varying propeller speeds. The results include variation in cavitation with the above-mentioned parameters and tradeoffs that occur when design is skewed towards reducing cavitation. This result of the analysis significantly speeds up the preliminary design stages of the propeller by providing valuable information on consequences of design choices.

Keyphrases: cavitation, Frozen Rotor, Propeller Geometry, Wageningen-B series

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