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Improving TPACK Competencies of Junior High School Mathematics Teachers Using Geogebra Classroom

EasyChair Preprint no. 11292

7 pagesDate: November 15, 2023


Technology plays an important role in the world of education. The rapid development of technology requires the world of education to also adapt to these changes. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) is important in educational research and technology. TPACK shows the relationship between technological knowledge (T), pedagogy (P), and content, (C) and how this knowledge should be integrated into teaching practice. One of the technologies that teachers can use in learning mathematics is the GeoGebra Classroom. GeoGebra Classroom is a technology-based mathematics learning tool to help teachers integrate technology into learning mathematics. In its use, it combines technology, pedagogy, and content in one learning platform. In this context, improving the TPACK competency of mathematics teachers is very important to improve the quality of learning mathematics.  GeoGebra Classroom is a learning platform that allows mathematics teachers to teach interactively using GeoGebra software. By using GeoGebra Classroom, they can create interesting and challenging learning activities for students, as well as integrate technology with appropriate content and learning methods. To improve the TPACK competence of Junior High School Mathematics Teachers in Magetan, we conducted training on using GeoGebra Classroom. The training participants consisted of 16 teachers. The training materials provided include junior high school mathematics material, the use of technology in learning mathematics, and the application of GeoGebra Classroom in  learning mathematics The results of the study showed (1) there was an increase in the TPACK competence of mathematics teachers using the GeoGebra Classroom, (2) the positive response of mathematics teachers to the training provided, and (3) most mathematics teachers could integrate TPACK using GeoGebra classroom in their mathematics learning designs

Keyphrases: GeoGebra Classroom, Junior High School Mathematics Teachers, TPACK

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