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Slope Ranking and geohazards correlation analysis for Combined Open-Underground Mining area

EasyChair Preprint no. 263

3 pagesDate: June 15, 2018


Geohazards in mining areas are mainly ground subsidence, slope landslides and ground cracks, surface cover degradation and environmental ecological pattern destruction. The classification and rank of terrain slope and the feature area extraction of the slope are the important content for the correlation analysis with the geohazards. The slope classification and rank index system for soil and water conservation, land use and man-made ground disasters was analyzed. According to the characteristics of open pit and underground associated mining area, we comprehensively analyzed the spatial correlation between different ground disaster and terrain features and landform types, and propose a new slope ranking index, dividing slope zones and forming slope classification map. Especially slope area of 35-45 degrees and more than 45 degrees was extracted, and the relationship between regional geohazards and slope zone was analyzed. The application of terrestrial laser scanning technology to establish open-pit high precision digital elevation model, extraction of slope, slope type, gully density characteristic factor, topography factor data sets are established, and correlation analysis, to enhance disaster information content.

Keyphrases: coal mine, correlation analysis, Geohazard, Slope grade

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