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Post Occupancy Evaluation of IEQ Parameters in Residential Buildings

EasyChair Preprint no. 9914

6 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


The post-occupancy evaluation (POE) is a performance assessment of buildings in use that can help property owners and managers better understand how well a facility is working, how its performance compares to similar structures or set benchmarks, and how a building might be improved. A solid grasp of how a building works can explicitly link its actual performance to either new or existing building innovations or remedial measures. While there is a lot of information on POE in commercial buildings, there's not much in the residential sector. In this paper, it is focussed to assess the satisfaction levels of the occupants and to quantify the IEQ parameters in a residential building. Sample sizes are determined, based on which a detailed questionnaire survey is conducted for the research. The city of Kochi, is the primary location considered due to its vivid factors both geographically and climatically.The project focuses on to identify the resident satisfaction level , quantify the IEQ parameters in a residential building and to suggest remedies if required. The findings and the results are analysed based on different factors. The findings will be useful for the prioritisation of the performance criteria of the buildings

Keyphrases: building, escalation, IEQ, Post occupancy evaluation

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