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Modeling the Behavior of Tourist Agencies in the Market of Providing Services

EasyChair Preprint no. 923

5 pagesDate: April 24, 2019


The features of mathematical models describing the behavior strategies of tourist agencies in the market of services. It was found that in the market of tourist services of any entity it must act in accordance with the established rules of behavior and interaction of participants in this market. The mathematical models of behavior strategies and the interaction of two travel agencies in the provision of one service have been developed. The theoretical results obtained allowed to determine the reaction of the behavior of one firm on the actions of its competitors, to establish a strategy of behavior and Shtakelberg equilibrium situations, Cournot and Nash equilibrium points. The results of modeling strategies for imperfect and perfect competition of travel companies in the market for the provision of services made it possible to make sound management decisions.

Keyphrases: agencie response to actions of a competitor, agencies behaviour and agencies interaction, game theory, market of tourist services, perfect and imperfect competition

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