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Jean-Paul Sartre’s Concept of Atheism as Existential Phenomenological Humanism

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12 pagesDate: April 6, 2020


This article exposes Sartre’s concept of atheism as existential phenomenological humanism which dismisses God on the basis of being a creator who determines our essence in advance. The researcher’s objective is to expose Sartre’s concept of atheism as existential phenomenological humanism. The study will use the methodological hermeneutics as the theoretical framework. Sartre’s atheism is a form of existential phenomenological humanism, and such evaluation is plausible and true. This claim is being reinforced by the relevant elements of Sartre’s idea. The meaning of life has to invade our sincere concerns about the mystery of our existence through existential phenomenological humanism. Therefore, the researcher concludes that existential phenomenological humanism is a humanism which is based on existentialist and phenomenological reading of human existence which proposes that man is responsible for everything because when he finds himself thrown, he discovers that he is responsible for everything. It is existential because it says that man is thrown into the world with no inherent purpose. It is phenomenological because it deals with the life-experience of being thrown into existence. Furthermore, the researcher’s study is situated not on metaphysical speculation of divine causes nor transcendent external principles but on concrete life experience of an individual thrown project. Lastly, it is humanism because since man is thrown, has no purpose and is restricted to an analysis of his thrown life-experience. Values have to spring from man himself.

Keyphrases: Atheism, existential phenomenology, God, Humanism, Keywords:

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