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Towards the automatic optimization of geometric multigrid methods with evolutionary computation

EasyChair Preprint no. 778

10 pagesDate: February 10, 2019


For many linear and nonlinear systems that arise from the discretization of partial differential equations the construction of an efficient multigrid solver is a challenging task. Here we present a novel approach for the optimization of geometric multigrid methods that is based on evolutionary computation, a generic program optimization technique inspired by the principle of natural evolution. A multigrid solver is represented as a tree of mathematical expressions which we generate based on a tailored grammar. The quality of each solver is evaluated in terms of convergence and compute performance using automated Local Fourier Analysis (LFA) and roofline performance modeling, respectively. Based on these objectives a multi-objective optimization is performed using strongly typed genetic programming with a non-dominated sorting based selection. To evaluate the model-based prediction and to target concrete applications, scalable implementations of an evolved solver can be automatically generated with the ExaStencils code generation framework. We demonstrate our approach by constructing multigrid solvers for Poisson's equation with constant and variable coefficients.

Keyphrases: automatic program optimization, code generation, Evolution Strategy, Genetic Programming, Geometric Multigrid, Local Fourier analysis

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