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Energy valorization from Sludge Anaerobic Digestion by the Tamuda Bay WWTP, Tetouan, Morocco.

EasyChair Preprint no. 3684

7 pagesDate: June 27, 2020


The treatment of wastewaters in the sewage treatment plant Tamuda Bay is accompanies by an important production of waste muds. That pushes the community and the researchers to seek technological solutions allowing an effective drug of muds. Anaerobic digestion is one of technologies which allow the treatment these muds and return them asource of wealths. The latter becomes essentil in the production of compost and the production of biogas, which is a renewable energy source being able to be use in the electrical production and of heat. In our project the interest is related to the study of the process of digestion anaerobic, of muds of the station Tamuda Bay as well as the optimization of this last, by the control of the various parameters of the stability of the digester such as the pH, alkalinity, the AGV, as well as the measurement of the specific rate of production of biogas and is evaluated its quantity and its quality. The median value of the production of biogas isabout 455 m3 per day, which is currently used with the heating of digester, this volume produces daily will produce a quantity of electrical energy of about 2900 kWh by the system of cogeneration.

Keyphrases: Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, Morocco, Muds, Tetouan, valorization, WWTP

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