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Cognitive StimulationAuthor

EasyChair Preprint no. 13281

13 pagesDate: May 14, 2024


Cognitive stimulation refers to activities and interventions designed to engage and challenge the cognitive abilities of individuals in order to promote cognitive health and well-being. This abstract provides an overview of cognitive stimulation, its importance, benefits, techniques, applications, and challenges.

Cognitive stimulation encompasses various components, including intellectual engagement, social interaction, and exposure to novel experiences. Intellectual engagement involves activities such as reading, problem-solving, and puzzles that stimulate cognitive processes. Social interaction through discussion groups, group activities, and peer support promotes cognitive engagement and emotional well-being. Novel experiences, such as travel, trying new hobbies, and attending cultural events, provide opportunities for cognitive growth and intellectual stimulation.

Keyphrases: cognitive abilities, Cognitive Stimulation, memory, strategies, Techniques

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