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Biogas from Poultry Waste - a Source of Energy

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6 pagesDate: October 31, 2021


The latest excessive industrial development has led to both the increase of the fossil fuel consumption and an excessive pollution. A saving solution would be the use of alternative, renewable energy sources, best based on wastes, which prove energy content. The current work focuses on a case study for the biogas production, using anaerobic digestion of poultry dejections, by means of a latest generation bio-processor. These dejections are presently and normally used only as fertilizer. The experiment was performed simultaneously in 6 digesters, which were loaded daily with a quantity of material resulting from the calculated recipe, based on the characteristics of the poultry litter. Preliminary analysis such as calorific value, humidity and volatile content were run. Following the results obtained can state that the poultry litter can be used as raw material for the anaerobic biogas production, in the future, as well.

Keyphrases: Anaerobic digestion, Biogas, Poultry litter

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