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Students’ Perspectives and Experiences Regarding Digital Technology for Educational Purposes

EasyChair Preprint no. 6687

7 pagesDate: September 25, 2021


This qualitative-phenomenological descriptive research sought to investigate the lived experiences of administrators on digital technology utilization. Purposive sampling was used involving six participants and the data collection was done through focus group discussion. This study yielded five themes. The first theme is on “understanding of digital technology types” that includes mobile devices, virtual environment, social media, connectivity and presentation software. Secondly,“the advantages of utilizing digital technology” that includes easy access and economical; monitoring and evaluation; saving time; delivering information, socialization, sharing handouts, and limitless possibilities. The third theme is on “barriers in utilizing digital technology” that consist of lack of self motivation; internet disruption and miscommunication. The fourth theme is on “the administrators’ effort to form the students to become technologically savvy” includes the curriculum and facility. Lastly, the fifth theme is on“expectations in utilizing digital technology” where effective use of email, media languages, and blended method in learning. The study recommended that administrators need to improve on the needed technological facilities for students and to maximize the utilization of varied digital technologies.

Keyphrases: Administrator, digital technology, experiences, Exploring, Nursing, Utilization

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