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Finding Citation Cartels in Academic Research

EasyChair Preprint no. 1960

7 pagesDate: November 16, 2019


In recent days plagiarism and invalid citation of papers have become a threat to the research world. Number of times a paper is being cited or the “cited by” number may define the quality of work done in that respective paper. So, to increase that number, researchers are getting involved into cartels of invalid citations to compete with the contemporary research world. In this paper we have tried find citation cartel. Initially we have assigned weights to each reference paper with respect to its use in the main paper. We have checked with different papers and have finally set two conditions depending on which we qualify a cited paper to be a ‘valid citation’ or ‘invalid citation’. Continuing the same process with each reference paper we have tried to find a relation among the authors of papers having invalid citations of a close community. The community of the authors having invalid citations is our generated citation cartel.

Keyphrases: academic research, Cartel, citation

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