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Power supply of the electric vehicle by photovoltaic solar energy source

EasyChair Preprint no. 1025

7 pagesDate: May 27, 2019


The development of electric vehicle projects can be explained first and foremost by the environmental objectives set in the global frameworks to combat climate change, with a particular focus on reducing CO2 emissions. The scarcity of natural hydrocarbon resources and current global warming poses the problem of energy transition. In the present situation, solar energy appears to man as an inexhaustible, renewable energy is above all, as a clean energy. It is therefore in response to a crucial problem of humanity that we decided to design a prototype miniature solar vehicle. In this article, the contribution envisaged with this research work is to realize an electric vehicle powered and charged by a photovoltaic solar panel (PV), from where the management and the optimization of the electrical energy is ensured by a card Arduino whose which two-wheel drive vehicle to control by a Bluetooth embedded, in order to ensure proper control, thus, the instructions are sent according to a Smartphone via a wireless local network.

Keyphrases: Arduino card, Battery, Bluetoot, electric vehicle, Greenhouse gas (GHG), Smartphone, Solar panel

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