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Optimization of the Combined Explosion Hardening Processes

EasyChair Preprint no. 5519

6 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


The proposed method for calculating the loading parameters makes it possible to determine the wear parameters after explosion hardening. The calculation method is simple and less time consuming compared with calculation methods that involve the use of nonlinear programming methods. The main methods of increasing the wear resistance of mining equipment parts using explosion methods are generalized. The reserve for increasing the wear resistance consists in the optimization of deformation parameters during the power and thermal intensification of processes and the development of new methods and technologies of hardening. The factors (parameters) of the studied processes: explosive cladding, alloying, hardening, are formulated. Optimization of the processes under consideration is possible by decomposing the process into simpler ones with subsequent optimization of the parameters of these processes and the synthesis of the obtained solutions. For the first time, a solution to the multicriteria problem of two-stage explosion hardening is presented. It is proposed to split the process into simpler ones. Optimization criteria are proposed for each of the simplified processes. The problem is reduced to a conditional extremum problem, which is solved by composing the Lagrange function. By transforming the wear equation, the optimal ratio of strength and ductility for parts operating under abrasive wear conditions is determined.

Keyphrases: one, three, two

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