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From Nationalism to Cosmopolitanism: Redefining Citizenship in a Globalized Era

EasyChair Preprint no. 12416

7 pagesDate: March 7, 2024


This abstract explores the shift from nationalism to cosmopolitanism as a framework for understanding citizenship in the contemporary globalized landscape. Nationalism, once the dominant force shaping political identity and allegiance, is increasingly challenged by the realities of interconnectedness and interdependence characterizing the modern world. The rise of transnational issues such as climate change, migration, and economic integration necessitates a broader perspective on citizenship that transcends traditional boundaries. Cosmopolitanism offers a compelling alternative, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all human beings and advocating for a sense of belonging to humanity as a whole rather than a single nation-state. It promotes principles of global justice, human rights, and solidarity, envisioning a world where individuals are recognized as equal members of a global community.

Keyphrases: Citizenship, cosmopolitanism, Redefining

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