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Stakeholder Management: An insightful Overview of Issues

EasyChair Preprint no. 2019

13 pagesDate: November 24, 2019


Purpose – This paper attempts to contribute towards investigating the existing literature base of stakeholder management (SM), provide a compilation, and define any gaps that might be. Besides, explore different groups of critical success factors (CSFs) and grouping these actors. Design/methodology/approach – The specific methodology of this study is based on a literature review. Therefore, more than a hundred research papers were searched using key terms specified in a preliminary literature review. Succeeding rounds of abstract research reviews resulted in forty-two research papers being selected for the compilation. SM constructs were then defined, and subsequent critical analysis identified the gaps in the literature base. Findings – The most important outcomes are the lack of research that has studied BIM-based stakeholder management, especially in the mega project. Additionally, further investigations are still required to study the SM influence throughout the different stages of the project life cycle and study the impact of project type and contract type in SM. However, there is still considerable debate about the SM nature and merits approach. Originality/value – This research provides a comprehensive gathering of all previously identified SM processes through a structured approach. Additionally, a more realistic and practical methodology for the development and implementation of SM will emerge, and twenty-seven CSFs associated with SM in construction projects were identified through a literature review. The study is expected to have a theoretical contribution to the study field with the results related to SM, especially in the context of the Qatari construction industry.

Paper type: Research paper - Literature review, this research forms part of a broader Ph.D. study.

Keyphrases: BIM, Communications, Construction Industry, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), effective involvement, implementation, Stakeholder Management

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