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Assessment of Integral Quality of Functioning of a Complex Organizational System

EasyChair Preprint no. 6146

10 pagesDate: July 23, 2021


The paper presents approaches to determining the necessary and sufficient level of implementation of security measures presented in the "best practices" at a certain level acceptable for the organization that meets the real existing threats. The model presented in the work allows an automated integrated assessment of the impact of controls presented in the "best practices" on the functional resistance of the protection system. The model presented in the work can be adapted to the needs of a particular organization, as well as in other subject areas. The article proposes a mathematical model of the problem of implementing a control system. The concept of criticality of controls, as well as various aspects of functional stability and its relationship with reliability, survivability, fault tolerance are considered. Significant attention is paid to taking into account the subjective component in the tasks of determining the quality of implementation of controls and evaluation of the integrated indicator of information system security. Attention is paid to the consideration of granularity in the construction of the function belonging to a fuzzy set. The problem of assessing the integrated quality of the implementation of controls and solving the optimization problem of improving the quality level is considered information system security.

Keyphrases: Information Security, information technologies, security measures, Threats

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