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Design of an Arduino-Based Autonomous Robot for the Detection of Harmful Gas Leakage and Air Pollution

EasyChair Preprint no. 10205

4 pagesDate: May 18, 2023


An Arduino-based automatic control robot is a system that can play an effective role in detecting harmful gas leakage and air pollution The primary aim is to create a monitoring approach for air quality that is both effective and sustainable, while also being cost- efficient., particularly in residential areas, workplaces and public spaces. To develop this system, we need an Arduino Uno, dc gear motors, battery casing, 3.7volt batteries, jumper wires, switch, bread board, led, a L293D motor driver, a motor driver shield, jumper wires, and some advanced technologies such as MQ135 and MQ9 gas sensors, and ultrasonic sensors to enable the system to detect hazardous substances and avoid obstacles. MQ 135 can detect hazardous gases including Sulfur(S), Ammonia (NH3), Benzene(C6H6). On the other hand, the MQ-9 can detect LPG, CO, CH4 and so on. The project's outcome was a reliable and efficient system that can monitor air quality and promote safety and health in indoor environments. The project emphasizes how technological advancements may address societal challenges and contribute to sustainable development by creating a safer and healthier environment for individuals.

Keyphrases: Arduino-based, Microcontroller, motor control, Motor Driver, Sustainable, Ultrasonic sensors

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