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Investigate the Condition of a Student Accommodation Building based on Complaint Survey

EasyChair Preprint no. 2896

12 pagesDate: March 8, 2020


There are many complaints made by publics about defects in the building they associate with including function of building services. Over the years, the deterioration may become worsened if no particular action is taken. This situation will cause unpleasant physical & emotional issues to the teaching and learning in public university. This paper aims to identify the condition of a student accommodation building in one of public university in Malaysia. To achieve the aim of the study, questionnaires were designed and distributed to 10,123 students whose are live at hostel to rate the condition and level their level of satisfaction with the hostel but only about 2,015 students responded and gave the feedback. The type of question in questionnaires were defect of structural components and deficiencies of features. The data collected was analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software. Based on the findings, majority students 52-74 % indicate that no structural defect occur in their room. Then, 26-48% of students indicate that had structural defect on their room. However, 80% students indicate all function on deficiencies of features in room. About 20% students agrees that features in their room are not function.

Keyphrases: Accommodation Building., Building Condition, questionnaire survey

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