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Applications of Information Systems in Marketing Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 10868

10 pagesDate: September 8, 2023


This paper is an extended paper showing the role of applications of Information Systems (IS) in Marketing Management. There are many applications of IS and for the purpose of the study we have applied, Decision Support Systems (DSS) in other fields of Marketing Management (M.Mgnt). DSS facilitates in decision making process in many M.Mgnt concepts. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of them and it depends on the firm's tasks for developing and retaining customers while achieving their satisfaction and enhancing the sense of belongingness for their products and services. Profit maximization, the process of enhancing customer value, and building strategic values for the firm are the three empirical benefits of CRM that are achieved through analytical, operational, and direction (AOD) capabilities respectively. This research focuses on the application of DSS models of what-if analysis (WIA) for CRM at (AOD) and also shows the dependence on the Information Success model (ISM). Hypothetical data are analyzed for (AOD) by three types of (WIA) to attain CRM and profit maximization. The results show that the analytical method based on the concepts of DSS can be used by any customer-oriented firm as a general model for achieving CRM.

Keyphrases: Analytical, Customer Relationship Management, Decision Support Systems, directional, operational, what-if analysis

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