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Distinguishing Photon Interactions: Source Well vs. External Fields

EasyChair Preprint no. 12227

4 pagesDate: February 21, 2024


This study delves into the nuanced interactions of photons or waves with gravitational fields, focusing on the distinction between their encounters with the gravitational wells of source objects and external massive bodies. When photons or waves escape a source gravitational well, such as that of a star or black hole, they expend energy, leading to a gravitational redshift characterized by an increase in wavelength. Conversely, when traversing through the gravitational field of external massive bodies like planets or galaxies, photons or waves maintain their inherent energy. However, their paths may bend a result of momentum exchange with the gravitational field. By discerning between these interactions, we gain deeper insights into how gravitational effects manifest in the behaviour of photons or waves, offering valuable contributions to the fields of astrophysics and gravitational physics. The mathematical formulations presented in this study provide a quantitative framework for understanding these interactions, further enhancing our comprehension of the intricate relationship between gravity and light propagation in the universe.

Keyphrases: astrophysics, energy expenditure, external gravitational fields, gravitational redshift, Gravitational well, momentum exchange, Photon interactions, Propagation of light, Wave behaviour

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