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Modern Approaches to Protecting Urban Areas from Flooding

EasyChair Preprint no. 5470

6 pagesDate: May 6, 2021


The article notes that natural-anthropogenic emergencies often arise with the co-occurrence of factors of both man-caused and natural origin of very rare recurrence. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to provide for special arrangements and technical measures. The authors analyzed the conditions for preventing flooding of the territory built up with residential multi-storey buildings and social infrastructure. The territory has low surface elevation marks and is surrounded by water bodies: the Volga and Samara Rivers, as well as the oxbow channel path. At the same time, practically along the entire border of the territory, there are infrastructure engineering facilities and lines (roads, dams) with surface elevations that are significantly higher than the existing elevations of the built-up area. The authors present the results of the survey of these facilities, on the basis of which recommendations for the reconstruction of their individual sections are developed. When justifying the minimum elevation of protective lines, the parameters of a rise of water level in water bodies (at the times of discharge in the Samara River of rare recurrence) were taken into account. The conditions of originating wind waves and other disturbances of the free surface of the adjacent water area at maximum water levels and the damping effect of natural and artificial obstacles along the main line of wave acceleration were taken into account. The conclusion is formulated that the implementation of the developed measures for the reconstruction of protective borderline objects with the addition of soil or the installation of parapet structures in certain areas will guarantee the protection of the built-up area from flooding.

Keyphrases: area protection, flood, urban area

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