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Temperature Measurement of a Turbulent Buoyant Ethylene Diffusion Flame Using a Dual-Thermocouple Technique

EasyChair Preprint no. 2399

16 pagesDate: January 17, 2020


High-frequency temperature measurements were carefully conducted for a 15 kW buoyant turbulent ethylene diffusion flame over a 15.2 cm diameter gas burner with air co-flow. A dual-thermocouple probe, consisting of two fine-wire thermocouples with 25 μm and 50 μm diameters, was used to determine a compensated turbulent gas temperature. A sensitivity analysis shows that temperatures resolved using this dual-thermocouple technique are less sensitive to changes in thermocouple bead size, therefore, uncertainty is greatly reduced even when soot deposition on the thermocouple bead occurs in sooty flames. Mean and root-mean square (rms) fluctuations of gas temperature were recorded in a two-dimensional plane across the flame centerline. The mean gas temperature monotonically decreases away from the flame centerline at most flame heights, except for 1 diameter above the burner, where a temperature dip is observed. The rms temperature peaks shift from the edge of the flame to the center as the height increases. This is due to the enhanced mixing between fuel and air, which is further shown using probability density functions of the local gas temperature. A systematic temperature dataset with high spatial resolution is established for sooty flames, which is valuable for future soot and radiation model validation.

Keyphrases: dual-thermocouple technique, local gas temperature, probability density function, time constant, validation dataset

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