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Smart Petrol Pump

EasyChair Preprint no. 2944

3 pagesDate: March 12, 2020


In current days fuel stations are operated manually. These fuel pumps are time-consuming and require more manpower. All these problems are sorted out by the present fuel dispensing system based on RFID technology. The system can improve the fueling process in order to make it much easier, secure and reliable. It prevents unauthorized fueling by assigning a specified amount of fuel for registered vehicles, depending on their types, within a specific period of time so that each vehicle will get a sufficient amount of fuel. It also provides efficient statistics about the various quantities of fuel at the stations. The hardware part of this system consists of a microcontroller, card, motor driver (L293D), LCD, mini submersible pump, keypad and other basic electronic components, which is attached to conventional fuel dispensers in order to make them work under the RFID technology. Additional features of this system include a website and a phone application, which allow customers to login to their accounts. Moreover, auto cut system is available too if the customer wants to fill the entire vacant capacity with fuel.

Keyphrases: 4x3 matrix keypad, Automation, LCD, Microcontroller, Mini submersible pump, Motor driver(L293D), RFID reader

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