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Reference Model for Generic Capabilities in Maturity Models

EasyChair Preprint no. 4349

8 pagesDate: October 10, 2020


Context - Many Maturity Models (MMs) have been designed for over 40 years now but selecting the constructs which chart the application areas is at variance. When comparing MMs, application area-specific constructs appear to be divers. Nevertheless, some constructs are often similar.
Objective – This research aims at finding generic constructs in existing MMs as reference for constructing MMs.
Method - We conducted literature research for generic MM constructs in organisational readiness MMs. We applied card sorting as a classification method and sorted cards according to Metaplan technique with peers.
Results - This research resulted in a limited set of generic capabilities for constructing MMs. Organising these capabilities according to widely accepted reference models in Information Systems (IS) literature results in the Generic Capability Reference (GCR) model.
Conclusion – The GCR model serves as a reference model for (re-) designing MMs for the part of the generic capabilities in MMs besides application area-specific capabilities.

Keyphrases: Capabilities, Maturity Model, organisational readiness, reference model

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