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Cognitive Computing and System Analysis of Chinese-Style Crowdfunding

EasyChair Preprint no. 9896

13 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


It aims to introduce the theory and typical examples of Chinese-style crowdfunding to English readers through the combination of interpersonal communication and human-computer interaction. The method is: first, review the development history of Chinese-style crowdfunding theory and practice through interpersonal communication, especially direct communication with practitioners, and then, through human-computer interaction, especially online texts confirmed by Chinese-style crowdfunding practitioners, in-depth analysis. Finally, from the perspective that the international and domestic first-class universities and the various entrepreneurial project teams they support urgently need classic practical examples, jointly select the theory of Chinese-style crowdfunding and various examples of guidance to make AI cognitive computing, with the system for easy international sharing. The result is not only theoretical writings and typical example books that are introduced in both Chinese and English, but also a multilingual conversion service system supported by AI cognitive computing and system analysis. Its significance lies in that it is not only convenient for international and domestic college teachers and students to share the theory and practice examples of Chinese-style crowdfunding, and to make a systematic review of them using the English-Chinese bilingual way of thinking, but also to facilitate foreigners, especially those who are familiar with English and American languages ​​and their thinking habits. College teachers and students can learn, communicate and research, and people from all walks of life can have a deeper understanding of Chinese-style crowdfunding.

Keyphrases: AI cognitive computing, Chinese-style crowdfunding, Human Computer Interaction, system analysis

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