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Improvement of Load Ability in Distribution Systems Using Distributed Generation

EasyChair Preprint no. 8867

9 pagesDate: September 23, 2022


Traditional approach of delivering the electrical power to end-users was done in the way that after required power was generated, huge power plants increased the voltage up to a desirable level using transformers. Then, electrical power was delivered via long-distance lines to the destination. After one or two stages of voltage reduction, consumers received the delivered power. Recently, due to higher demand for electricity and higher output of generation units, small power companies are more likely to exploit the mentioned units in their distribution system and near the consumers. These small units attached to the distribution systems are called non-concentrated generation or distributed generation. Nowadays, distributed generation plays a vital role in electrical distribution systems. For instance, reliability improvement index, stability improvement and loss reduction are some good examples. One main aspect of using distributed generation is to displace these resources in distribution networks. Load ability in distribution systems and its promotion are some keys in power systems. Up to now, displacement of distributed generation resources in order to promote the load ability of distribution system has not been discussed. It is obvious that displacement and usage of distributed generation using genetic algorithm improvement maximize the load ability in distribution systems. After the considered flowchart has been extracted, this method is used in IEEE standard 12-bus network. Results have shown the efficiency of the mentioned algorithm.

Keyphrases: - DG., load ability, loss reduction, voltage profile

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