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A Model Checking Based Business Process for Monitoring Company's Strategies

EasyChair Preprint no. 8720, version 2

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6 pagesDate: September 4, 2023


This study presents an agile system architecture for monitoring the company’s strategy based on both paradigms: the agent and the model checker. This system covers the strategic and the supervisory levels for building an agent system that performers a strategy analysis with real measures taken by mobile agents, to increase the business efficiency of the internal or external operations of business processes using monitoring protocol primitives. Therefore, the present approach leads to improve the decision making with providing visibility on the progress of business processes using an extended Balanced ScoreCard. The traces of business process as a cooperative behavior can be recorded at a run time without conflicts when its interaction scenario is modeled in a formal method and proved with the temporal logic. The specificity of the developed system is related in the agility property, when it is easy to refine or change of a concept without altering the others.

Keyphrases: Agent Monitoring Protocol, Agility., Business Process Strategy System, formal methods, verification

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