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Smartwatch for Senior/Elderly Using a Microcontroller

EasyChair Preprint no. 7777

3 pagesDate: April 12, 2022


In India ,the current senior citizen population of 130 million is expected to grow more than double to 300 million to constitute 20 percent of the population. With a rapidly growing 60-plus population, India is faced with herculean task of providing senior-friendly urban infrastructure. Around 64% of adult fall prey to depression and loneliness in urban area. There is also been a significant increase in crime rate against senior citizens being left at home alone. Also the senior population is most exposed and vulnerable to Covid-19 infections and fall ill often. This paper aims to develop a smartwatch equipped with health monitoring and fall detection techniques for elderly population using a microcontroller. The main component in used in this is an Arduino which is a microcontroller equipped/connected with sensors which can detect the health parameters such as pulse rate, body temperature etc. It also been equipped with fall detection technique which can detect the fall of user wearing the smartwatch and can send SOS to the caretakers concerned with that user. All the previous smartwatches are developed keeping in mind the general population, however this device is solely dedicated to the senior population and act as a health monitoring device.

Keyphrases: Microcontroller, Senior Citizen, Smartwatch

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