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Elements of an Ethical AI Demonstrator for Responsibly Designing Defence Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 8245

8 pagesDate: June 10, 2022


n order to protect their common heritage of culture, personal freedom, and the rule of law in an increasingly fragile world, democracies must be able “to fight at machine speed” if necessary. For this reason, digitization in defense cannot not be confined to logistics, maintenance, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, but must equally enable responsible weapons engagement. We therefore try to contribute to a timeless problem: How to decide ‘well’ according to what is recognized as ‘true’? Turned into systems engineering, this leads to three tasks of responsible controllability: (1) Desing AI-based automation in a way that human beings are not only mentally but also emotionally able to master each situation. (2) Identify technical design principles to facilitate the responsible use of AI-based automation in defence. (3) Guarantee that human decision makers have full superiority of information, decision-making, and options of action. The Ethical AI Demonstrator (E-AID) proposed is paving the way to aswers by letting soldiers experience the use of AI in a military scenario with all associated aspects of psychological stress as realistically as possible.

Keyphrases: artiticially intelligence, Automation, cognitive and volitve assistance, ethically-alliged systems engineering

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