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Surface Treatment by Burnishing of S235JR Steel - Design of Experiments Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 7879

2 pagesDate: May 1, 2022


Surface roughness plays an important role in the service life of machine parts. This characteristic can be improved by mechanical surface treatment (MST) processes, in this case burnishing. A simple and inexpensive finishing process, which by acting through surface plastic deformation (SPD), gives the surface of a part physical and mechanical properties, materialized by structural modification, surface hardening, reduction of roughness and introduction of compressive residual stresses, which result in improved resistance to wear, fatigue and corrosion. Nevertheless, the results of the burnishing treatment are conditioned by the control of the operation. In this context, the objective of this work is to evaluate the effect of the parameters of the treatment regime on the finish of the treated surface and to determine the regime offering the best roughness Ra. An experimental study on cylindrical samples of S235JR steel prepared and treated on a turning machine was carried out. The treatment operation was conducted by means of a complete two-level (-1, +1) 2^3 multi-factorial experimental design, where the effect of three main burnishing parameters, namely, the pressure force (Py), the feed rate (f) and the radius (r) of the tool (steel ball and diamond tip) on the roughness Ra was examined. The surface roughness was measured with a Time TR220 roughness meter. The relationship between the regime parameters and the roughness "Ra" was concretized by a mathematical model allowing the prediction of the Ra response as well as the optimization of the processing parameters.
The experimental results obtained showed that the burnishing treatment provides a good surface finish, i.e., an improvement of 88% where the initial Ra roughness value decreases from 1.786μm to 0.21μm.

Keyphrases: factorial planes, Mechanical burnishing, roughness, S235JR Steel

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