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Investigation of Tensile Behaviour of Graphene Composites

EasyChair Preprint no. 3712

8 pagesDate: July 1, 2020


 In this paper potential solution to the production of natural fiber composite laminates using graphene has been discussed. It explores the effect of graphene when it is reinforced with hemp fiber and its ability to withstand an erratic environment. In this work, Hemp fibers of two different laminates with graphene are prepared. The manufacturing of composites was done by hand layup method by blending graphene with an epoxy resin of grade LY556 along with hardener HY 951. This leads to a laminate formation with 2% graphene nanoplatelets. The mechanical properties namely tensile behavioUrs are analyzed due to the inclusion of graphene is found.

Keyphrases: fiber composites, SEM analysis, tensile properties

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