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Multiple U Slotted Microstrip Antenna Design for Wimax and Wideband Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 2095

4 pagesDate: December 5, 2019


A novel miniaturized configuration of a unique U- slotted micro-strip radio wire is printed seeable of focus repeat regarding four. seven gigacycle per second with insulator steady (εr) for four. four additionally substrate thicknesses from claiming a pair of 2.4mm. The steered radio wire may meet the interest from claiming WiMax and band requisitions. The approach parameters like come back loss, VSWR, gain, radial asymmetry would simulated, stone-broke down and optimized utilizing high back structure check system. The suggested radio wire is formed and tried utilizing the Rhode additionally Schwarz vector organizes analyser R&S® ZVL-13 and its execution aspects would got. Those Outcomes indicate that the Inclination offers Inclination of the suggested radio wire may create improbably progressed contrasted with customary micro-strip metropolis antennas.

Keyphrases: Microstrip antennas, return loss, VSWR, WiMAX

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