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IoT Based Class Room Automation

EasyChair Preprint no. 3142

5 pagesDate: April 8, 2020


IoT is a system of inter-related computing devices, objects, animals or people which are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring any human interactions. IoT plays a major role in Automation. Our main aim here is to reduce the wastage of electricity at schools and colleges. Here a PIR sensor detects the presence of human body by capturing the   heat emitted by the body in the form of Infrared waves. On detecting the presence of a human body inside the classroom, only after a delay of 1 minute the lights and fans will be turned ON. The speed of the fan is adjusted based on the surrounding Temperature, which is measured using the DHT11 Sensor. And LCD screen is used to show the current temperature and the Fan speed. The lights and fans within the human detected area will only be turned ON while the other areas remain OFF. After a Human leaves the classroom the lights and fans will be turned OFF automatically without any human interaction thus reducing the wastage of electricity. The key role here is played by the Arduino Uno Board and PIR Sensor.

Keyphrases: Arduino Uno, Class Automation, Detection of Human Presence, DTH11 Sensor, IoT, LCD, PIR sensor, Save electricity

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