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Performance Analysis of Two-stage Evaporative Cooler: A Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 2617

4 pagesDate: February 9, 2020


An evaporative cooler is eco-friendly as they use a natural process, i.e., evaporation of water, to cool the air. Evaporative coolers have two major advantages over traditional air conditioners: energy efficiency and sustainability. Both are due to the fact that evaporative coolers use far less electricity to operate. Evaporative cooling systems contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants. In this paper, we have tried to show the research work has been done on a two-stage evaporative cooler in the recent past, on the basis of the various performance test.

Keyphrases: Direct Evaporative Cooler, Dry bulb temperature, effectiveness, Evaporative cooler, Evaporative cooling, Evaporative cooling system, Evaporative cooling technology, heat exchanger, performance analysis, relative humidity, two-stage, Wet bulb temperature

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