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Robust Angular Velocity Control of a VTOL-UAV for Aggressive Maneuvers Flight

EasyChair Preprint no. 8788

8 pagesDate: September 5, 2022


This work presents the design of an autopilot for acrobatic maneuvers such as multiple flips, invert itself completely and backflips. This flight mode is possible by controlling the angular velocity of the UAV instead of the attitude. A robust angular velocity control is approached that allows to follow aggressive references at high speeds to generate acrobatic flights. The algorithm uses the active disturbance rejection control ADRC to estimate and eliminate effects that are generated in this type of flights, such as: unpredictable dynamics, external disturbances and ground effect. The control algorithm is parameterized by quaternion avoiding the gimbal lock singularities, in addition the maximum torques of the rotors are taken into account by means of a saturation function.

Keyphrases: ADRC, Aggressive-Maneuvers, Quadrotor, robust, velocity

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