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Geothermal Energy as an Alternative Source and a Countermeasure Against Low Emission in the Ecological Security Strategy

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6 pagesDate: December 13, 2018


This paper considers the implications of geothermal energy as an alternative source for the counteracting of low emission, as part of the ecological security strategy.

The issue has received considerable critical attention for several reasons. The primary problem is fulfilling the social and living needs of households. The growing consumption of energy and problems resulting from it are the natural consequence of and the price to be paid for economic growth and the progress of civilisation. Secondly, there is the problem of the fuel poverty (or energy poverty) of Polish households, which is one of the factors contributing to low emission. The third aspect is the effect of low emission on ecological security levels expressed in high levels of atmospheric air pollution, which is directly connected with the fourth aspect – the increasing importance of air protection against pollution. The significance of environmental protection against pollution is visible on the national, European and global scale through a number of environmental safety policies, such as the Clean Air for Europe Directive (CAFE). The directive in question imposes the obligation on EU member states to develop air protection plans for areas where air pollution concentrations exceed normative values, thus affecting the quality of human life. Finally, the fifth pillar is the use of geothermal energy as an alternative source of thermal energy as a measure to reduce low emission and diminish its consequences from the viewpoint of ​​ecological security. These activities address the national environmental security policy, as well as EU requirements that oblige its members to proliferate renewable energy, which includes geothermal resources.   

Keyphrases: ecological security, environmental pollution, Geothermal energy, low emission, thermal energy

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