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Space Optimized Design of a Flywheel for Punching Press

EasyChair Preprint no. 4860

4 pagesDate: January 4, 2021


Flywheel is a mechanical device which acts as a saving bank account where one can deposit extra money and withdraws whenever required likewise flywheel also store the energy when the demand is less and deliver it when the demand is high. It is mounted in between driver and the follower. It act as a energy store. This paper is focused on the use of mathematical modeling of flywheel and space optimized design for punching press. Flywheel has to be designed for a punch which has to make 20 holes/minute in a plate of thickness 12 mm with constrained of space. 1200mm is the limiting value of diameter of flywheel. The flywheel design is based on the space limitations. The various parameters and stresses induced are determined. At the end it is seen that diameter of the flywheel is less than the permissible value therefore design is safe and optimized for available space.

Keyphrases: energy storage capacity, fluctuation of energy, Flywheel, peripheral velocity, rotor, stresses

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