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Navigating the New Normal: Historical Market Reactions to Global Crises

EasyChair Preprint no. 12451

6 pagesDate: March 11, 2024


This paper examines historical market reactions to global crises and their implications for navigating the "new normal" in economic landscapes. By analyzing case studies spanning significant crises such as the Great Depression, Oil Crisis, Dot-com Bubble, Financial Crisis, and COVID-19 Pandemic, the study identifies commonalities and differences in market dynamics, economic impacts, and recovery strategies. Key findings highlight the role of government interventions, the resilience of markets, and the importance of adaptive strategies in mitigating the effects of crises. Furthermore, the paper explores lessons learned and future implications, including strategies for mitigating future crises and predicting the shape of future "new normals." By understanding historical market reactions, policymakers, investors, and businesses can better prepare for and navigate the uncertainties of the post-crisis economic landscape, fostering resilience and sustainable growth.

Keyphrases: Behavioral Finance, economic impact, financial resilience, Global crises, historical analysis, investment strategy, market volatility, Policy response, Recovery Patterns, risk management

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