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New Dialogue between Old Crafts and Historical City

EasyChair Preprint no. 2431

14 pagesDate: January 20, 2020


Traditional crafts are playing an important part of local identity in old cities Nowadays more efforts are being made to preserve them and established a base and distinguished character for these cities and making them the anchor points of economic development and revitalization.
    The research presents one of the oldest factory in one of historical Egyptian cities called "Fowah" which has a great role in contribution and developing many traditional crafts in the other Egyptian cities as fez "Tarboush" industry. The factory suffered from many forms of abuses and neglection so the main parts of factory were demolished and crumpled to dust except the royal historical gates and some parts of main façade are still standing. 
The research attempt to put a strategy for Conserving  the remains parts  of the factory and historical gates through record the current situation and submit an intervention standard to revive the site and reuse it  by referring to complete the missing parts from the similar factory in turkey was established in the ottoman era for same purpose also as "military uniform" and promote the industrial and handcrafts value and establishing linkages with other development programs in the city by linked the sites with surrounded urban and street network by touristic and historical characteristic path for refresh the crafts and tourists that maximize the added value and social –economical return which will lead to a higher contribution in the national economy.

Keyphrases: city, Crafts, dialogue, historical, old

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