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Detecting Fake Products with Blockchain Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 10629

9 pagesDate: July 29, 2023


Counterfeit goods have been a significant factor in the manufacturing of goods in recent years. This has an impact on a company's brand, sales, and bottom line. Blockchain technology is used to identify genuine goods and identify counterfeit goods. The distributed, decentralised, and digital ledger known as blockchain technology stores transactional data as blocks in numerous databases that are linked by chains. Since blockchain technology is secure, no block can be altered or compromised. Customers or consumers can certify the safety of a product without relying on third parties thanks to blockchain technology. In this research, we employ Quick Response (QR) codes, a reliable method for thwarting the practice of product counterfeiting. When a product's original QRcode is connected to a Blockchain, a QR code scanner can detect counterfeit goods. The systemrequests the user's unique code, then checks it against records in the Blockchain database. If the code matches, the goods is authentic; if not, the customer will be informed that the product is phoney.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, Decentralized, Quick Response Codes

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