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Intend and Invention of Medicine Deliverance Robots for Hospitals

EasyChair Preprint no. 8733

4 pagesDate: August 29, 2022


This paper presents a designing and manufacture of medication conveyance robots for hospitals. Computerization is a field which is skewering its branches practically in all assistance arranged fields which is presently reached out in the field of medication. This paper targets planning a robot for conveying the heap to substitute the nursing administration. The correspondence between the client and nursing robot is given by sending remotely the information from a RF transmitter module to a RF beneficiary on the versatile stage. It utilizes a sound and video correspondence to address patients about the medication. It can likewise screen the pulse and temperature levels of the patient and send information to client. This shows that it give steady and reliable framework and keeps the assembling cost low. This robot was executed in an Arduino Mega 2560 and the product utilized is Arduino IDE.

Keyphrases: Automation, Nursing Line follower Robot, RFID, Voice play back circuit.

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