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PALISADE-Social Media Website

EasyChair Preprint no. 4793

10 pagesDate: December 25, 2020


In this application, we have developed a website where users can sign up and login and be able to share their thoughts and events at their colleges or companies and experience at interviews or etc and also like, comment on respective posts, and also user can able to follow or unfollow a user to get updates from different users.We feel very difficult to find blood donors at difficulttimes, this website provides a list of blood donors with their details such that it will be very helpful in finding blood donors.It is very helpful to people who require blood urgently.There is a good number of donors but we find it difficult to find them.This website solves this issue.We can create chat rooms or join chat rooms and discuss things with people around the world in this application

Keyphrases: Blood Donors, Expressjs-routing, MongoDB, nodejs-backend, Posts, Reactjs-frontend, Restfulapis, Room-chat

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