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Early Disease Detection

EasyChair Preprint no. 12198

14 pagesDate: February 19, 2024


This research paper explores the critical role of early disease detection in transforming contemporary healthcare, emphasizing improved patient outcomes, efficient treatment plans, and reduced healthcare costs. The study delves into diverse diseases, from cancer to infectious and neurodegenerative disorders, discussing the complex interplay of biomarkers, genetic testing, medical imaging, and artificial intelligence. It addresses ethical considerations, privacy issues, and the practical implications of early disease identification, showcasing case studies to illustrate its impact. The paper also discusses various screening and diagnostic methods, including blood-based tests, imaging techniques, biomarker analysis, genetic testing, wearable technology, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it examines the challenges, future directions, and the integration of big data in healthcare for early disease detection, highlighting the potential of precision medicine, advancements in imaging technologies, and the role of AI and machine learning. The conclusion emphasizes the transformative potential of early disease detection, calling for continued interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in healthcare.

Keyphrases: 1. Early disease detection, 10. Precision medicine, 11. Ethics in early disease detection, 12. Case studies in healthcare, 13. Challenges in early disease diagnosis, 14. Future directions in healthcare, 15. Patient outcomes, 2. Healthcare transformation, 3. Biomarkers, 4. Genetic testing, 5. Medical imaging, 6. Artificial intelligence in healthcare, 7. Screening and diagnostic methods, 8. Wearable technology, 9. Big data in healthcare

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