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Reserves Analysis versus Requirements Analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 3509

10 pagesDate: May 30, 2020


The popular opinion says, that ICT’s effectiveness in a business organisation is up to a degree, in which ICT provides for users’ needs. That is why, the popular way of doing a prior analysis in ICT projects is just asking future users (especially decision makers) about their information needs. I do not think, that it is good starting point for building effective ICT applications – as there is no dead certainty, that a delivery of additional information (which is planned as a result of a given ICT investment) means better work of this organisation and in a consequence its higher effectiveness. In other words - there is no dead certainty that in the given organisation exist reserves, which can be exploited by better informed decision makers. The Multi-aspect Analysis of Reserves in Administration (MARIA) is a proposal of assessing main factors determining effectiveness in a business organisation to show how important among them is information. In other words - the aim of MARIA is to assess most probably response of the organisation (in the sense of its effectiveness’ growth) on possible ICT investments.

Keyphrases: Administration, effectiveness, Information & Communication Technology, reserves in management area

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