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Smart Home Automation Using Google Assistant And Alexa

EasyChair Preprint no. 11714

4 pagesDate: January 6, 2024


The rapidly evolving world with over 50 billion internet-connected devices has led to new inventions driven by necessity. IoT is becoming prevalent globally, not just for convenience but also due to its efficiency. Breakthrough technologies are emerging, leveraging IoT capabilities for innovative solutions. A prototype home automation system allows remote control of devices like fans and lights via button press. To optimize wireless connectivity and reduce sensor usage, APIs (Sinric Pro) and wireless modules are introduced. APIs facilitate communication with Node MCU and Relay modules, enabling machine-to-machine communication over Wi-Fi. Google’s Voice Assistant enhances remote control capabilities, allowing up to 4 appliances to be controlled via Wi-Fi.

Keyphrases: 4-channel 5V SPDT, Manual Switches, Node MCU, Relay Module

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